Standard Charter Info

Our base pricing is $150 for the first hour; $100 per hour for additional hours; maximum of 6 passengers, 4 preferred for fishing. Check out these examples or better yet mix’n match to your hearts content. Better yet… little of each all in one!

Striper and Mackerel Fishing

Recreational fishing around Casco Bay and the surrounding islands and rivers. $350 for 3 hour trips. 4 passengers preferred.

Ground Fishing

Join us as we travel out to the Cod Ledges just a few miles off shore for some ground fishing for haddock. $500 for approximately 4 hours of Ground Fishing. 4 passengers preferred

Lobsters, Forts and Light House Tour

We have daily trips Monday through Saturday running out to haul our lobster traps, learn about the life of a lobster followed by some lighthouse sight seeing. $250 for 2 hours. Max 6 passengers, 4 preferred.

Lighthouses, Forts, Eagles, and Seals Tour

Pack your favorite beverages, snacks and bring your camera. We will show you the beauty of Casco Bay’s many lighthouses and other interesting sights. $250 for 2 hours. Max 6 passengers.

Sightseeing on Casco Bay

Pack your favorite beverages, snacks, camera and a smile. Capt Bill, Capt John or Capt. Geoff will show you the beauty of Casco Bay. Kids can take the helm while you just sit back relax and enjoy our great sights and sea breeze. $250 for 2 hours. Up to 6 passengers.

The Casco Bay Adventure Tour

A little bit of everything……See several lighthouses and forts, do a little fishing, check a few of our lobster traps, see harbor seals……Enjoy a fun outing on the bay! 2 hours $250 3 hours $350

Maine…your adventure

What would you like to do on Casco Bay? Contact us to set up a custom charter for you!

Visit Fort Gorges

The Casco Bay Islands offer a glimpse of Maine maritime history. In 1858 Fort Gorges was finally completed and armed as the Civil War ended. It was manned in the Spanish American War and used to store submarine mines during WWII. Let US transport you and up to 5 friends to and from the fort so you can explore the fort and, perhaps, have a picnic or cookout on the beach. Best within 2 hours either side of high tide. $110 round trip